Everyday self care: a detox shower

I have this weird thing about baths.  

I love them.  

I generally have one day (I shower in the morning and bathe in the evening) but I am rubbish at them!  

I run my bath full of goodies - and my bath takes forever to run too - so it takes maybe 15 minutes.  And then I say 'oh I can't wait for a lovely long bath!'.  

And I jump in and I wash and get out and it takes all of - MAXIMUM - five minutes.  I just can't be lying around in a bath! It makes me nervy.

But I do also love Epsom salts baths. The salts detoxify, soothe and just all-round are pretty much a miracle thing.  And super super cheap from your local pharmacy.  

Do google this yourself - if I write any more it'll only be cribbed straight from wikipedia as I don't know much more than that I love them.  But me and my five minute super-soaks aren't really getting the benefit.

And then I heard of a BRILLIANT way to use the salts - in a 'detox shower'.  I'd love to have come up with this myself, but I didn't.  

It's a tip from my friend Lisa Sharp and she has some other fab tips for a happy-energy-home right here on her site.

Anyways! Her great idea is one I now include most - well maybe half the week  - in my own morning routine and the really great thing is it doesn't take ANY more time at all than your usual shower.

So - you just put the plug in your shower, and chuck in a couple of cupfuls of Epsom salts. This is miracle enough - the brilliance is that the soles of your feet absorb things really quickly - I know this from using my essential oils and the soles being a great place to put a drop or two.  

And if you HAVE some great essential oils, then this is the perfect time to add a few drops onto the Epsom salts.

Some of my own morning favourites are Grapefruit, Lime and Wild Orange.

You just stand on the salts while running the shower and all that goodness is much more rapidly absorbed through the skin, whilst also dissolving into the water.  Have your shower and - just because you've made it more of an occasion than it probably normally is - you could just think some positive thoughts, say some affirmations, ground yourself a little, take a moment ...

And that, is that.

The Tiniest Thai Rachel Walder doTERRA

What a brilliant, easy, quick and totally self-caring few minutes to add in seamlessly to your day.

It's really added something good to my own morning routine.

Hope you try this - and do let me know what you think.

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