Be who you want to be 'one day' ... right now

I've been thinking - and talking - about this a lot recently. 

And I think I might have cracked it.

Found an answer to my procrastination - to my 'one day' I'll do this, that and the other.  

And more importantly BE this, that and the other.

You know the fantasy life 'when' I'm thinner/fitter/healthier/whatever - THEN, then I'll do x, y and z that I don't do now.

Because then I'll be THAT person.  That person who does those things. 

But of course that day - and that person - never comes, because they're a 'future self' not a now self.

I am me, I am here, I am now.

And I have been trying this one very simple little trick and for me it's working.

(Not 100% of the time but I've got to start somewhere).

Habits take time to form, but this habit, this habit of asking this question, this habit is starting to work for me.  And it's this. This one question.

If I were that person I want to be in the future, right now, what would that person choose to do?

So an example from today.

Rachel Walder scooter

I bought this micro scooter a couple of weeks ago and, then, realised it's really hard work. Like hot, sweaty, cardio work. And that the way to work - actually even just to the tube - is all up hill and not something I can do.

But the journey home from work? Mostly downhill.

I haven't done it though. I've scooted home from the tube but not all the way home. So today, I didn't do the uphill scoot to the tube, I carried the scooter in, and I was going to scoot all the way home for the first time.

At 5.30pm for some reason, my mind was telling me all sorts of things!

'Oh it'll be much quicker to get the tube - and you can scoot home from the tube'

'Your dog's been on his own ages today, you should just get home as quickly as possible and go to the park'

'It's a lovely warm day - but it's going to be really hot scooting'

'Look at all those people, you'll never scoot through them'


Yes, she'd scoot home.

I walked past the heavily congested bit - for about ten minutes.  Then I unfolded my scooter and I scooted home.  I walked some of the way - when there were uphill bits, and roads, and parts where there were just too many people.

It took 40 minutes. I was sweating and absolutely puce in the face and my legs have had a brilliant workout. And I felt great.

Not just for the workout but for having done what the person I want to be would have done.

(And some of the journey, the freewheeling fast down a wide smooth pavement was pure JOY and fun).

I got home, drank water, and went out to the park for half an hour with the dog.

THIS is what my future self would have done - but I didn't wait for the future. I just took the choice she would have made and I took it right now. 

You can be who you want to be, right now. 

Just make the choice that person you want to be would make - not the choice the me-right-now would make. 


Tomorrow, I'm going to go for a swim, because that's what the person I want to be would do. And I become that person by taking those actions.


And yes, one day, through making these choices, I'll be THAT person - fit and strong and healthy - doing yoga on the beach. 

(And so much else too).

Does this hit any nerve with you too?

Would love to hear what YOU want to do in the future that actually, maybe, you could, y'know, just do right now.