What makes me feel ... ?

What makes me feel strong?

What makes me feel serene?

What makes me feel grounded?

What makes me feel creative?

What makes me feel connected to the Universe, Spirit, God? 

I've been asking myself these questions and journaling each morning on them for a week or so now, and my answers - well, there are definite patterns, things that come up, the same answers again and again.

Some only show up once or twice, sure, but ... 

If I want to feel and be these things that I want to be?

Strong, serene, grounded, creative, connected to the world and its source.

Then I'm prioritising making space for:

* yoga

* being outdoors in nature, preferably the beach

* a surprising one for me as I don't need a lot of sleep - but I know how strong and good I feel when I do sometimes get 7 hours, so that's definitely going on the list

* writing

* cooking

* making great food choices and really choosing to nourish myself

* reading

* getting a massage

* having a clean and serene house

I was surprised at some - ok, mainly how much having a clean home environment means to me. but it gives the feeling of space and freedom and is the foundation from which I then feel inspired to do all the other things.

But now that I know the things that give me so much - so much - and create how I want to feel and be?

Well, these are the things I'm now prioritising in 2018 - whether I 'feel' like them or not.

And if I don't have time ... er, I do have time, I just need to prioritise these things above other things.

It's taken me a couple of weeks to think about this one, mull it over, let it brew, journaling day after day.

And it seems actually - for me to feel and be strong, serene, at one with the world, happy and creative - I just need to allow these things that make me feel that way be important.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to do this simple exercise too - and would love to know what your things are that you'll be making space and time for this year.

Happy New Year everyone x