You just lie flat for ten minutes a day.

This isn’t actually my idea but something my friend Michelle Lowbridge teaches (she’s amazing about all things energy and kinesiology - and more).

It’s so simple too - just lie flat for ten minutes each day.

I think when I realised how hard I was finding it to find ten minutes was when I realised how much I needed to.

And I started combining it with using the orthopaedic pillow recommended by another friend and incredibly talented osteopath Alison Durant.

Ten minute a day lying flat.

Set a timer.

No scrolling, no phone, no reading.

Just be there, lying flat.

It’s so much more powerful than it sounds in terms of physical realignment and energetic alignment and when I do it I feel so much more rested, restored and nurtured than you would ever think just ten minutes could bring.

I’m posting this as I’m still aware that its kind of ridiculous that some days I still don’t find time to do it - and this is my commitment to do so.