Life is short / life is long

Life is short, life is so short.

I used to hear it most I think when I was early 30-something …

Oh life is so short.

And I’d think, no, life is LONG!

When I think what I’ve done and the adventures I’ve had, and I’ve time to do it all again and twice over too, AT LEAST …?!

Life is LONG.

There is time to do it all.

I felt there was always more excitement, more adventure, more to discover and play and experience.

Of course there is … but for many of us, somewhere along the way - and some later than others and I count myself amongst them - we … well, we kind of settle into some sort of comfort.

Even if we don’t like it so much, it’s a settled comfort.

We become less likely to kick up our heels, try something new, take risks … CHANGE.

Change it all.

What do we want to try? To experience? To just SEE what it’s like?

Change it all up and see what happens.

Because, you see - there isn’t time for that!

Not any more.

No time to be reckless and screw it up again because … then what?

There’ll be no time left to get ‘back on track’, to ‘sort it out’, definitely no new mortgage.

Ahhhh I see now how life becomes short.

Those 30 years of throwing it all up into the air, of trying it out, of adventures … somehow, we’re now squeezing them into the holiday allowance …

Give it all up now?

With the property going up in value all the time; the pension scheme (however tiny); the security of the salary.

Throw it all up again? At 50 or 60?

Experiment with what happens, see what happens when you make space for magic and creativity?

What, NOW?!

Are you mad? Well, it’s harder now, isn’t it?

Older, slower, no time left to experiment, the days of ripping it up long gone.

But isn’t that exactly it?

Life is short when we don’t live it to the full.

When we don’t run full on at it, laugh and spin and fall over, dizzy, get up and start again.

Not recklessness, but joyfulness.

Not sabotage and fear, but total faith and curiosity and love.

Ohhhhh our souls whisper to us.

What if, what if, what if …. you did this or that or just didn’t care for a while.

What if … you jumped into that dream you’ve always dreamed.

Surely, surely … ACTUALLY ….. right NOW is the BEST time to it!

Jump and reach for that dream before you can’t … right NOW is when it’s calling us even harder.

Back then, it was a dream and we had time for all the dreams.

NOW is the time to see if those specific dreams (the ones still calling at your heart) are really our dreams, our calling.

But we stamp them back down … sssssssshhhhh …

We’re too old.

We have responsibilities.

And most important to understand … it’s too late.

We’re too old. We can’t risk it all now.

So what are we saying?

Sit in this chair until I die (not until I retire, I don’t think those days are around any more).

Do the same stuff now for the next 30 or 40 years or more, because I’m too scared?

THAT is when life becomes short.

Not necessarily short in length, but short in dreams, short in love, short in bliss.

Change and the openness to change, the desire for change, the desire for NEW, the desire for it so so badly that we just HAVE to …. have to try it out!

THEN life becomes long again.

When it’s full of excitement, hope, energy, dreams … and audacious boldness.

That too.