Cooking for self-care

Sometimes I love cooking just for me and making it really beautiful and special.

Lots of 'unnecessary' washing up for instance as I toast sesame seeds in a pan to have in my green mango salad, and use a much bigger bowl to toss and massage the salad dressing into the salad itself.

Using the little plastic rice bowl so my rice is in this pretty shape and not just piled on the plate.

Spooning the hot and sour sauce over my salmon and then pouring the rest into a little dish in case I want more.

Rachel Redlaw cooking for self care

All these details ensure many more senses than just taste - or less than that just a satisfying of hunger - come into play.

It's beautiful and the act of preparing it is sensual - full of appreciation of the senses.

Cooking for myself - something nourishing, healthy, beautiful - is such a form of self love and self care.

And I believe that when we take this care when it's 'just' us - our subconscious minds and even our souls take note and just have a great big happy inhale ... and exhale ... and relax.