Drift, drift away

I don't want to do anything.

Not even write.

Not even cook.

I want to drift, drift, drift away .... slip away ... fall into the realms that exist within the realms, and into the the worlds between the worlds as they circle and slide and in tiny places collide.

I want to fall into those tiny places ... to be in another place.

My quickest way to access this drifting merging of time and space .... is to take my towel, something soft, anything ... and ... bikini on, so most skin can soak up the life-force rays .... 

I lie in the sun.

I don't want to read, think, talk ...

I just lie, close my eyes, drift off into the magic.

Every single time within a few seconds, I'm there.

There, here, wherever it is.

The light plays on my eyelids - today like the beginning of an old movie.

Somehow the chickens we had when I was a child are ruffling their golden brown feathers in my mind so clearly.

I open my eyes and it's all blue.

I close them and drift again, letting it all fall away.

The sun on my skin is pure goodness, soaking in.

I think I hear my sister's voice now, but I'm not sure what she's saying.

I think I see some words but I'm not sure what they are.

I'm tumbling, allowing, receiving.

The light plays across my eyelids.

I don't even think any more.

I don't even see pictures in my mind's eye any more.

I am at one, right here, just existing, not awake, not asleep ... in that corner of the worlds between worlds.

No words, nothing to do, nothing to be, just this.

Time and space are just concepts.

No thoughts, just this.

I don't know if stayed here for millennia, for seconds, time isn't even a thing.

And I open my eyes and I'm here again ... sleepy, golden-feathered, languid, warm ... that sense, knowledge of having been somewhere, drifted somewhere ... and back replenished.

Sunbathing is my fastest way to this beautiful flow zone, state, meditation, other worldly travel. 

Now ... drinking water, stretching ..... time to be here in this world again for a little while. 

Before I choose to drift, drift, drift away again.