celebrate achievements

Time to celebrate (how far we've come)

I was inspired this week by a friend’s post about looking back and recognising and celebrating some of the incredible things we have accomplished/been/done in the last 10 years, I decided to look at my own.

It was definitely a timely reminder to me to stop thinking of all the things I want to do and and haven't yet done and celebrate what I have.

I actually went back to 2008 whilst journaling this morning to see what I would remember when I thought about it as well as what just springs to mind.

There's been definitely some pretty huge challenges over the decade and also some beautiful personal things that I'll just enjoy and not share.

But just some of the things I'm proud of and really glad to have had this reminder to think of and celebrate ...

I finally realised it was down to me to create my own life consciously!

On realising that, gave in my notice at the job that wasn't right for me without another to go to (and found perfect job in five weeks once I was free to be me again and had the space to look for it)

Launched my first blog - Racey's Thai Cooking - which has seen many incarnations - now this site here which now includes around 200 recipes (WOW! THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I'VE EVER COUNTED THEM!).

Created a decluttering side-business - chic-decluttering - which was so creative and fun to do (although I quickly realised it wasn't for me to actually DO it, I like living it, talking about it, writing about it really)

Built several websites for myself (learning learning learning - I invested a LOT of time) plus two for others

(Re)discovered a love of writing I hadn't had since childhood and started blogging and sharing more

Started journaling - now I couldn't be without it and journal most mornings. I've written a total of 600,481 words on the online journaling platform I use as of this morning (plus written countless - must be HUNDREDS - of notebooks)

Travelled - including to Thailand, Spain, many times to both Marrakech and France

Was part of a launch team working on a global luxury fashion/lifestyle/music brand which included being FROW (ok, ok, 2nd) and backstage at NYFW which also won Launch of the Year in the magazine industry 'Oscars' (one of just many work highlights I’m happy to say)

Realised what a great big lovely online world there is - and through joining masterminds, communities, learning courses and programs - also met incredible kindred spirit friends all over the world (friends for life and also now so many met in person) - wonderful connections

Launched my supperclub, The Tiniest Thai in London, and through that met even more incredible people ... also took TTT on Tour to Brighton (many times) and Cornwall

Learned to design websites, flyers, cards, a recipe book I had printed for family gifts, and some PDF books - which are still available free to download HERE if you’d like them

Thought about launching a 'how to get published' consultancy and did tons of free 1:1 Skype sessions before I realised I didn't want to do it - but doing these was an incredible experience and often bizarre (including one with a teacher in New York who was doing the skype with me from a cupboard while her very young pupils were hiding under seats as part of 'lockdown' practice - which I have to say really horrified me .. but we kept going)

Lost two stone+ (and more to go) as I created my own Thai-inspired diet

Launched The Tiniest Thai diet - and having others join and get amazing results too is one of the very best and most satisfying things I've ever done

Was a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and one post saw over one thousand people sign up to receive my weekly email in one day which was INCREDIBLY exciting

Discovered I love yoga and it's pretty much a daily part of life now

Gained two more gorgeous nieces and two more gorgeous nephews!

After years on a waiting list, got a raised-bed little allotment (twice) and gave it up (twice) then manifested a kitchen garden right here in the grounds of my apartment (where I can pick and use fresh produce which is what I really want more than the growing it part)

Got one more tattoo and three more piercings (2nd lobe, helix and tragus). Big tattoo plans for 2019!

Created two other courses

Went #travelswithmyniece to Marrakech and Paris and more planned (can't wait Mia)

Invested in coaches and mentors

Decluttered any toxic relationships

inspired daily by the incredible people and friends I have in my life

TTT is now just one of five 'home experiences' in collaboration with cook ethos - can't wait to be part of this in 2019

Joined a book club (even though I don’t really read fiction)

Worked with a film-maker making a series of short films about people following their passions

Ate a lot of Thai food!

There's so much more too - and really, for me, most of the things I'm celebrating have been in the last five years rather than 10 - as that's when things were so dark I seemed to finally get to a point of realising it's down to ME to create my life as I want and choose it.

Loved doing this and even if you don't want to share yours, I really, really recommend spending a little time thinking back and just acknowledging your awesomeness.

PS: Just saying ‘Celebrate’ makes me sing this - and yes I KNOW it’s ‘Holiday’ but it is then also all about ‘Celebration’!!