everything changes

The only certainty is change

Everything changes.

All the time. Over and over.

Flip flop, there it goes.

Someone changes their mind, or finally speaks up that's it not for them - this show, this book, this LIFE ...

And flip flop - over and over it rolls yet again.

Change bringing change bringing more change.

You think you're set for life? Or this month? Term?

No one is.

One day it flips and flops over again.

Someone is brave enough to say they don't want this, don't want YOU ... any more.

YOU are brave enough to say - it's not what I thought it would be ... and have to say so.

One day, one day.

These are the hardest things ever to say. To do.

Change is hard.

Hurting people is hard.

(Continuing to hurt ourselves is somehow easier).

Saying what you've realised you HAVE to do - that your heart and soul wants you to do is fucking hard.

It usually - short term - hurts everyone.

Because we hold on.

If and when humans, us, can embrace movement and change, it will become easier.

For now, most of us equate change to hurt and loss rather than opportunity and excitement.

Equally we tend to see stability as safe and good rather than stultifying and sluggish.

Maybe it's not, for you.

Energy can come from every energetic equation.

Even when we are still .... and happy.

That's the whole point.

We can be still and remain still.

Thinking that will keep us the same.

Nothing will keep us the same.

Flip flop.

If it's not you - it'll happen anyway - and you'll change anyway.

Nothing stays the same.

And change doesn't mean the end.

It means often the start of a new and wonderful journey.

Change with your loved ones, change you, change your focus, change your plans.

Be nimble, be ready, be open.

The only certainty is change.

Flip flop.

Here we go.