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I now choose only delicious

It was a perfectly nice salad.

A perfectly good little easy-breezy lunch.

A little fried egg spicy sour Laotian-style salad.

The egg needed to be cooked through and I seem incapable of cooking the yolk through!

But that wasn’t the problem.

In fact there wasn’t a problem at all.

But this little tasty salad made me stop in my tracks today and realise something.

That is was fine. It was nice. It was good.

But - to me - it wasn’t totally, utterly, beautifully, wonderfully … DELICIOUS.

Now, I’m posting the recipe anyway because (and HERE it is ) as you might find it the most delicious thing ever and I’d hate not to share something that was delicious to someone just because it wasn’t to me.

And of course, MANY things are fine, tasty, good … good enough … but, ahhhhhhh, are they DELICIOUS?

My little inoffensive, perfectly good enough, fried egg spicy salad has made me realise.

I am not available for ‘good enough’.

I do not want or choose ‘good enough’.


I choose it for what I cook and for what I eat and for what I feed others.

Only delicious will do!

And I choose it for life.

I choose a DELICIOUS life,.

Delicious love, work, play, health, creativity, body, relationships, clients … ALL areas of life.

Good enough is not enough.

Not any more.

Now, I am only available for deliciousness.

Rachel Redlaw fried egg spicy salad