one life

Step into the spotlight // be the star

Turn the lights up. 

Step into the spotlight, the spotlight of your life.

What even IS this? How can it even be possible to play a bit part in one's own life?

Here I am drifting around in the wings, sometimes making a walk-on appearance, every now and then a few lines.

Ooh, I got a speaking part.

What the ACTUAL?! 

A bit fucking part in my own freaking LIFE?!!

I am casting director, I am director, I am screen-writer. I am the LEAD.

But oh no, here I am sneaking around backstage hoping not to be seen.

NOPE.  It doesn't work like that.

Get out there, in front of the spotlights. Go and be amazing. 

You only have to be amazing at being you, at the being the lead in your own life.

Write the story, improvise, make it up as you go along.

But be the STAR.

Stop people-pleasing, playing to the crowd, wondering what they want you to be.

Waiting for a ripple of applause, a laugh or two.

It's not about them. 

Do you think it's hilarious, cool, fun, exciting ... are you just drawn to it?

Well, do that.

Stop shadowing around .. no one is every going to come into your life, and pull you from understudy to star, ANOINT you in some way.

Stop wasting time.

Life is happening right now.

You are the star. Go and shine.

Make that call, write the letter, apply for the job, cut your hair, ride a horse, catch a wave, do the thing. 

Do your thing.

And that's it. This is it.

Today ... I'm casting myself as the star of my show, this life, my life.

No more hiding in the shadows. Time to step out, step up, step in. 

I'm ready to take the lead role in my life.