Getting (every)thing done in 25 minutes

I use this technique all the time and it definitely works for me.

I heard about it a few years ago and now also know that it's also known as the pomodoro technique, although also talked about by many, many other people. (I haven't read or used the 'actual' pomodoro technique itself so can't comment on anything specific to it).

Basically, for me it means focusing on one thing, one task - for 25 minutes.

I use ticktocktimer to set my 25 minutes.  I switch off distractions (yes, you Facebook, yes you Instagram, yes you telephone ring volume!). And I just knuckle down to whatever it is that needs doing for a full 25 minutes.

And it works for me because: 

25 minutes is short enough that I can maintain a full-on sprint level energy

it's long enough to get a LOT done (when you're really focused)

it's not so long I get withdrawal from all those distractions

I don't even need more water or coffee during that time!

And, at the end, when the timer goes - I'm usually astonished how 'in the zone' I am and how much I've accomplished.

It's tempting to just re-set immediately and do it all again straight away, but it's good to then take five minutes - stretch, get a glass of water, go outside for some fresh air, do something different ... and then you can set it again for another 25 minutes if you like!

I use this in my working day when I have tasks I really need to concentrate on and am being pulled in too many directions with other (less important, often 'more urgent' tasks).  

I use it at home if I have something I really want to do (like write 'my story' page for my website - yes, yes, on my list and I'm planning on seeing if I can get it done in 25 minutes tomorrow).

It just works for me, concentrates my mind, gets things done.

Do you use this technique? Or have something else you do when you want to be really productive? 

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