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My winter health 'rules'

I very rarely get ill, or even get colds.  

Partly I think it's because living in London and getting tubes and buses every day means that my immune system is on super-fit ninja germ-fighting form.

Partly it's because I build those defences from the inside out, eating fresh food made from scratch so I know exactly what's in it. 

I don't do as much as I could - I really know I should prioritise exercise and sleep a little more.

But I do follow my winter health 'rules' to avoid picking up colds and infections.

Drinking lots of water.  The most important glass of water is probably the first; we are dehydrated after hours of sleeping and so a big glass of water first thing is necessary.

Eating chillies.  Good for clearing a stuffed-up nose, your body releases endorphins when you eat them, making you feel HAPPY!  Try this easy and incredibly delicious sauce/dressing - I had it yesterday on fish tacos but it will go with so many other things too! 

Rachel Redlaw mango and chilli

1/2-1 ripe (it's gotta be ripe!) mango, peeled and pieces put in a hot dry frying pan with 1 long green chilli, just cut in half longways. Fry for a few mins each side until a little charred. Then pop in a blender or food processor with juice of 1/2 a lime, a tiny splash of water and a small handful of coriander.  Blitz! 

Red wine. No explanation needed.

Getting up and outside for a quick walk first thing, fresh air and some stretching is a great way to wake up (unless it's raining of course - going out in the rain first thing in the morning isn't my idea of fun).

A drop of Frankincense essential oil under the tongue each morning (no it doesn't taste great) and a drop of On Guard blend on the soles of my feet.

On Guard is also a favourite to diffuse this time of year too. It's a blend formulated to support healthy immune function and is a blend of  wild orange essential oil, combined with clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary.

Rachel Redlaw doTerra

Using uplifting essential oils such as Grapefruit, Wild Orange or Lime in a morning 'detox shower'.

Eating fresh food and spicy salads. Less meat and more fish and vegetables.

I'm going to add sleep to this list too, even though I don't always prioritise it as much as I think I should.

What are your winter health tips? Please share!

I am a huge fan of doTerra essential oils and have been using them for about 18 months now. I use my oils daily for health and sometimes to cook with! I am also a doTerra consultant so if you're interested in finding out more about essential oils, start here ...