a day of one's own

Oh I agree.  I agree completely.  

A Room Of One's Own?  Necessary.

And also necessary to me are frequent - and therefore planned-in-the-diary - days of my own.

Days where I know I won't see anyone.  A day there just for me - stretching ahead luxuriously in all the possibilities of what I can do with it.

I know we're not all the same and I know for some of you the thought of a whole day just on your own is probably bringing you out in hives! 

But I love it. And I don't just love it.  

I need it. 

Today, Sunday ... is a day of my own.  Planned in, and totally enjoyed.

So what did I do? 

I started with walking the dog (and earlier than usual - thanks to the clocks going back). I made a Thai omelette for breakfast (with lots of chillies in the dipping sauce). And I did my morning journaling. 

Then ... the day had endless possibilities.  

Today - I started reading this.  

Elizabeth Gilbert Rachel Walder

Been looking forward to it for ages and I'm going to see Liz Gilbert speak at the end of the month with a gang of gorgeous girlfriends.

(can't wait)

I know that if you're not used to spending a day on your own, you might skimp on the good food thing.  I never do that! I mean if you really want cereal or toast, then that's one thing.  But if you're having that because it's 'just' you - then that's quite another. 

Today, I decided I really wanted a Sunday roast. So ... what meat, that's the Q? 

I love lamb but have to say a rack of lamb is my favourite lamb rather than a roasting piece. Rack of lamb, dauphinoise, green salad - might, just might, be my 'last supper' dish.  And but oh ... YUM - pork! For the delicious crackling.

But - and mainly because I have horseradish in the fridge due to my Bloody Mary obsession - I chose beef.

Yes, I made myself a Sunday roast.  But because it's my day I'm only having the bits I feel like having. And today that's the meat bit and the roast potatoes bit, with Dijon mustard and horseradish.

Roast dinner Rachel Walder

And no other veg than a tomato and onion salad (my absolute favourite) with a mustardy French dressing. 

Tomato and onion salad Rachel Walder

I'm going to write for a while, read for a while and maybe start over from the beginning and watch Chef's Table (one of the best things I've ever watched). It's on Netflix and Netflix is worth getting for Chef's Table alone.  It's not even about food. It's just incredibly beautifully shot and about LIFE.

I'm going to take a walk round the park with the dog.  Have a bath with essential oils.

And have a glass (or two, or maybe even three) of good red wine.

I find this time alone so energising - I can't imagine not having regular time to myself.  To lie on the sofa with a coffee and drift and dream.  Or to be super-productive cleaning the whole flat, or writing a section of my book, or trying out a new recipe.

I know there are people who don't like time on their own but all I have to say is personally I couldn't do without my days of my own. 

What do you think?

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