Unexpected presents / books + friends

Such a lovely thing happened to me this week that I have to share.

A friend sent me a present, unexpectedly, in the post.  And it was a book that she had thought I'd enjoy.

Where do I start with what a lovely thing this was to receive?

Her thoughtfulness in thinking that I'd like this book.  The lovely surprise of getting a gift in the post. The beautiful note that came with it. The fact that I then spent two evenings thoroughly enjoying and savouring this little book. 

The book, by the way, was perfect for me - I love the design and it's in short pieces and chapters and thoughts, yes, perfect for someone (like me) with a very short attention span. I'm going to re-read it immediately as this time I want to take notes and take action on some of the ideas.

So, two recommendations ... 

1. This book.  I really enjoyed it - thought provoking and beautiful.  It's called 'The Crossroads of Should and Must - find and follow your passion' by Elle Luna.

2. My second recommendation is to send a friend a book - it could even be your copy that you've read and want to pass on to them. I'm definitely going to be doing this.

It was a such a very lovely surprise to receive.  It's made me smile all week.

Thank you to my thoughtful friend Ruth for the book, and inspiring this post.

And yes, this is also a post about friendship and support.  

One of the passages in the book really struck me when I read it yesterday - it's about the ripple effect - how by following your dreams you can inspire others too.

Have you ever ... stood at the base of a redwood tree?

... These trees reach unfathomable heights, strong and beautiful, lifting skyward. But what you cannot see when you stand at the foot of this tree is what is happening underneath.

While a redwood tree can grow 360 feet tall, the roots are only, on average, about ten feet deep. This is because they spread their roots outward, searching for other redwood trees. Their roots intertwine under the ground, and they hold each other up.

A redwood tree cannot stand on its own, and neither can we. The source of Must connects us all.
— Elle Luna (The Crossroads of Should and Must)

So send a book in the post to a friend. Be a redwood tree.