to do list

100 things to do in 2017

So, just off the top of my head, I thought I'd quickly note down 100 things I'm planning to do in 2017!

Some small, some silly, some mundane, some huge!

Whatever came to my mind.

Although this was just an idea yesterday to write something really quickly ... and then my laptop froze.

And I lost all 100.

I wrote them again ... another 40 minutes or so - and yes, they were different - I couldn't remember some great ones!

It froze again, saving half.

I took a break but this morning, wrote the last half again - and yes, they were different again.

The laptop froze.

I am NOTHING IF NOT DETERMINED (STUBBORN?) ... and I wrote it again.

It's changed already at least four times.

What was supposed to be a quick just-for-fun post became a two-day WRESTLE. But here are the 100 that survived the tech :) 

Will be checking back in a few months to see which of these I've actually done ... 

Anyway, here it is.

  1. Grow my hair
  2. Try a bikram yoga class
  3. Go to the dentist for a check up
  4. Brush the dog's teeth every day (even though he hates it)
  5. Actually listen to all the Audible books in my library
  6. Make a beautiful-as-I-can-make-it workbook for the Thai Diet Revolution
  7. Discover new music - ask for recommendations
  8. Write to my nephews and nieces at least twice each
  9. Write to M every month - a proper letter
  10. Volunteer somehow, do something for young carers
  11. Go horseriding
  12. Surf the sand dunes again in Cornwall this summer
  13. Go to Rome
  14. Visit Berlin
  15. Declutter the kitchen cupboards
  16. Book regular osteopathy sessions
  17. Make preserved lemons
  18. Look into getting a glamorous, luxe, white super-thick carpet for bedroom instead of wooden floor
  19. Repaint bedroom
  20. Hang all my pictures (finally!)
  21. Get a massage
  22. Care for my nails more - grow them + get regular manicures
  23. Make time for sketching and drawing
  24. Vist Kelvedon Bunker
  25. Go body-boarding in the sea 
  26. Go to the cinema more often - see things I don't even know what they are
  27. Eat oysters in Whitstable
  28. Launch/create A Year of Living Beautifully + Eating Well book/group
  29. Make bath melts
  30. Go to France, to the Dordogne, with my sisters
  31. Make a really good jerk sauce
  32. Try an early night ha!
  33. Journal every morning, well the majority, rather than just half 
  34. Get a Thai massage
  35. Hold the first Tiniest Thai Retreaty in Thailand
  36. Have a pedicure every month
  37. Lose 12 pounds
  38. WSET wine course
  39. Dennis Severs House in candlelight
  40. Have my first book published
  41. Try growing holy basil
  42. Start meditating - use Headspace (try again!)
  43. Improve my French - use Duolingo app
  44. Read French Vogue
  45. Wear 'best' clothes every day - life's a catwalk :) 
  46. Get toned and fitter - have fun with it, try loads of classes at the gym
  47. Go to Brixton food market
  48. Change my brown leather sofa for a big squishy turquoise velvet one
  49. Have a weekend away on my own
  50. Declutter and clean the bathroom cupboards and shelves
  51. Find out where to get my favourite lemongrass candle (and get it!)
  52. Go to the doctor about the noise my knee makes
  53. Work through all my budgets and finances again and update
  54. Check in monthly on my finances and budgets
  55. Write out my BIG HUGE goals and check in monthly to review
  56. Volunteer at the local riding for the disabled riding stables
  57. Try intermittent fasting a few days a week
  58. Buy new skirt for M
  59. Work with a VA
  60. Walk 12k steps a day (up from 10k)
  61. Get scooter out and scoot home from work at least once a week
  62. Go out dancing (much more often)
  63. Develop and post a new recipe at least once every two weeks
  64. Learn to play the ukelele
  65. Do the 'create your own gin' day
  66. Change my name by deed poll, update banks, passport etc - to Redlaw
  67. Do the Yoga Anytime 30-day challenge
  68. Declutter bedside cabinets
  69. Digital switch-off one whole day a week during January - and see how it goes
  70. Each week make time to sit and read my recipe books without thinking I 'should' be doing something else
  71. Write Marrakech blog post
  72. Go back to Marrakech
  73. Be featured in mainstream magazines
  74. Get a magazine column (why not?!)
  75. Visit Kew Gardens
  76. Visit Chatsworth
  77. Go to the Gower again
  78. Learn to French plait my hair, or into two French plaits
  79. Re-film all the videos for the Thai Diet Revolution
  80. Find out how to make Dragon's Breath Curry
  81. Make boeuf bourguignon (it's been years since I last did!)
  82. Start my 'Tiniest Thai Talks To' series again
  83. Get my ear pierced at the top - which I've wanted to do since 17 and just never got round to
  84. Have my wave tattoo done
  85. Focus more - have evenings with a focus, not just flitting between things all the time - whether it's writing, reading, cooking, chatting, whatever - be focused and present
  86. Go to the doctor about that ridiculous horrible fungal toenail
  87. Replenish essential oils
  88. Go to Paris
  89. Accessorise more
  90. Buy bikini that fits
  91. Have 1,000 people join the Thai Diet Revolution
  92. Get a celebration pendant from Mildred Jones Fine Jewellery - I know exactly what I want - to celebrate those 1,000 peple
  93. Go to a Sunday service at St Paul's
  94. Have a monthly cleaner
  95. Also take a day off and completely spring clean
  96. Hold a Tiniest Thai cooking class at La Vista, Competa, Spain
  97. Make some chilli paste in oil
  98. Cook char sui pork more often than just at Chinese New Year
  99. Give a genuine compliment to a stranger every day
  100. Arrange dates to actually SEE all the people I say I'll meet up with 'soon'