weigh every day

Make sure YOU'RE in your dreams

I realised I do this.  Or rather, didn't do it.

Didn't add to my goals, dreams, 'perfect day' journaling ... well, I didn't add ME.

I was missing from it!

Me, physically (and ok emotionally too actually) ME.

I was missing.

How can I create my dreams, achieve my goals, dream into creation that perfect day ... if I'm not in them?

If I'm not also at one with me, with myself, happy in my own skin?

If I don't know how that feels, or how I want it to feel?

How can you live a dream life in a body you don't feel is your home?

And actually, domino effect, small actions, small things creating big ones?

Dream big ... and start with finding peace with your body.

It's easy, and it's necessary.

You cannot live a 'perfect' life without being at one with yourself - and that includes feeling good in your skin - WHATEVER that feels like for you.

I believe it's a powerful and easy way to start - you decide, you choose, you see results, you're inspired and you start to BELIEVE.

I was talking with a friend the other night and realised something so important.

We often FORGET to think about our physical selves - or ourselves at all for that matter - when we're thinking about our lives and goals and ambitions and dreams.

We think about the jobs we want, the relationships we're calling in, the creativity we'll share, the places we'll live ...

All those artists, all those beach houses, all those fulfilled lives and all those dreams written down, made goals, made real.

But you know what's missing?


The real, actual, physical YOU.

We so easily disconnect with our bodies ... and almost forget about them.

As IF you can create your dreams without also being totally at ONE in your dream body too.

THAT you, me, us .. in the dream life ....

Don't forget to put YOURSELF into the dream.

Not just into it. Into the HEART of it.

You're happy just as you are? That's brilliant. SAY SO.

Don't let your body, health, wellbeing, how you FEEL in YOU not be a part of the big, big dreams.

It's pivotal.

It's important.

When dreaming, setting goals, writing out those perfect day journaling exercises ... do NOT forget to put yourself in them.

Your perfect day begins with feeling comfortable in your own skin, surely, luxuriating in just being YOU, at one with yourself (WHATEVER that looks like for you).

I think it's too easy to forget this - and I believe that firstly it's powerful to consciously add YOURSELF into your dreams.

I also believe in the domino effect, small changes creating big shifts.

And - no matter what you might be telling yourself - feeling at one again in your skin, losing weight if that's what's going to feel good and right to you, is KEY to then also creating all of the rest of the things.

Yep, and actually easier.

It's a perfect starting point. Start consciously choosing, creating, feeling happy in your skin.

Results happen fast .. both physically and mentally.

Don't dream big ... without YOU being in the dream.


DON'T throw away the scales

Y'know, I'm getting quite angry about this now.

I've seen it for years of course, and I even fallen for it a few times myself (always without result of course).

What is it?

The exhortation to 'throw away the scales'.

To be 'free of the scales'.


Sorry but it is.

YES, this works for some people - and I'll tell you which people too.

* It's a great move for girls who are or have been underweight, too thin.

* Those who've lived with, battled, eating disorders.

* Young girls just starting out on a 'lifetim'e of dieting - yes, you 'throw away the scales' people, you draw them in.

I definitely see exactly why for these people, ditching the scales (and all the associations) is a good thing.

But I do NOT agree it's good for us all.

Especially not for those of us who find ourselves loving food, hating our bodies, overweight and in denial in our forties.

I see it as incredibly bad advice.

We ALREADY hide from the facts.

We already pretend reality isn't real.

That, actually, we'll even tell anyone we want to lose weight ... AFTER WE'VE LOST SOME WEIGHT.


Because we can't bear to stand on the scales.


It's not for us.

What WE need IS that reality check.

First, we need to face facts.

Get on those scales, yes cry if need be (I did) and then it's a fact - it's done.

And get back on them EVERY SINGLE DAY.


Precisely BECAUSE weight isn't precise!

Yeah you *can* weigh weekly if you want (and play all those tricks every single person who does a weekly weigh in at Weight Watchers does).

But the daily ... what it does is take the emotion out of it.

We DO fluctuate - sometimes a lot - day to day.

And SEEING that every day (but a more gradual overall decrease) helps.

Helps understand that it's just a number.

Understand that it's a fact.

It has no emotional meaning.

AND ... weighing daily stops us from getting so scared again that we put it off ... and put it off ... and get more and more scared ...

It's not scary it's a fact.

You wanna know the truth or not?

To come back to the start ... as a 40-something with weight issues over the years?

It's NOT helpful to be gleefully told to 'throw the scales away'!

It doesn't work for us.

We have several decades of messy relationships with food, with weight, with OURSELVES to talk about first before a GIMMICK that most likely will see us PUT ON WEIGHT.

We're the hiders.

The ones who eat great food (but too much of it).

We don't need to be encouraged to hide any more.


You get my drift.

So get the scales back out.

Confront the fear.

Learn to notice each day - oh, three pounds lighter, oh two pounds heavier.

Learn to notice your body - one day heavier, one lighter.

Learn to not be fearful; it's a fact.

And also - for most of us- we can then set a goal, and achieve it.

In tune with our bodies, in tune with what we're eating.

In tune with our goals.

At last.