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What if losing weight was ... easy?

In our late 30's, our 40's, our 50's ... and more ...

What if ... we stopped telling ourselves that the uncomfortable slow putting on of weight was not only not inevitable but - despite all those deprivation diets, all those faddy diets (I know, I've tried most of them) and also trying the total head-in-sand 'diet' where somehow 'when I've lost some weight THEN I'll go on a diet' ... (anyone else had that one?)!

What if ... we stopped telling ourselves the stories ... it's so hard to lose weight, it's even harder the older you get, I hate diet food as it's bland and boring, diets are so dull and the minute they're over I got back to my normal way of eating.

What if ... you could change all that?



No more live group rounds this year but I want to have as many of you join as possible without waiting for the new year!

And now is the perfect time - to decide to do it and then easily to lose weight and feel comfortable in your skin (and your clothes) for the festive season - and of course to then feast a bit too if you choose of course and still be the same as now or slimmer come New Year.

So from now until Christmas Day you can join the 8-week Thai Diet program at a lovely special price of $197 (usually $297) and still get of course the 8 weeks' content delivered each week by video and email AND lifetime access to the FB group.

I'm in the group pretty much every day as I just love the community and supporting you and helping in any way I can - and sharing new ideas and contents - it's always added to.

If you love cooking, love food with flavour, hate the idea of going on a boring diet AND actually want to get the body you want and choose to have now ... 

Then maybe ... DECIDE to do it. And join us ...