Orange spiced gin

I'd intended to make this back in December as a Christmas drink - it's a Waitrose recipe for Spiced Clementine Gin.

But I didn't get round to it in time and then thought perhaps I would make it in January instead - using oranges though, January being that time for Seville oranges and when marmalade is made.

But these aren't even Seville oranges, and this certainly isn't marmalade!

I used lovely sweet juicy Naval oranges as thought that Seville would be too bitter.

So for this beautiful jar of sunshine, I just mixed:

70cl bottle of London Dry Gin

2 Naval oranges, unpeeled and sliced

200g caster sugar

5 cloves

2 star anise

... and then poured it into a Kilner jar - but use any wide-necked jar or bottle - and left it to infuse for two weeks.

Rachel Redlaw Orange Spiced Gin
Rachel Redlaw orange spiced gin

Strain and decant into bottles.

Serve on it's own, as a liqueur, with slices of fresh orange.

Or try a little orange spiced gin topped up with fizz.

Or in a tall glass over ice with soda water.

Rachel Redlaw orange spiced gin
Rachel Redlaw orange spiced gin

Yes, it would have been perfect for Christmas - but it's also perfect for dark, cold January.

There's something just so cheeringly sunny about this that even looking at the jar makes me smile.