The Tiniest Thai grew out of a Thai cooking blog I started writing at the end of 2013.  

And much as I love developing recipes, and writing blogs and sharing my love of food and cooking that way, I started feeling like I wanted to actually do something to bring it to life too.

So I started inviting people to dinner here in my little London flat in June 2014 (yes, we're now a year old!). 

I can fit just four people round the table, and I cook a tasting/sharing menu of around seven or eight dishes.  

It was a really nice thing to do and a way to invite people to share food and conversation in a very different way to holding a 'normal' dinner party.  My guests often don't know each other and it's lovely bringing people together in this way. 

And it just started naturally being called 'The Tiniest Thai Restaurant in London'. 

Guest are friends and friends of friends, and once they've been once they are welcome to come back and invite friends of theirs too. 

People have booked out the whole four places for themselves and friends to celebrate a particular event or just for something unique and fun to do.

The Tiniest Thai has been to Brighton, (holding a six-person supperclub, catering for 30 guests at a party, and a demonstration evening), and we also now hold regular pop-up events in Cornwall.


Because I love it! 

Also because it's fresh and easy and usually quick - real fast food - and I want to share how simple it can be to make.

Some years ago, I spent quite a bit of time on and off in Thailand and before returning to the UK asked a Thai cook - and friend - to teach me all my favourite recipes so I could make them back at home.

That was over ten years ago so I've been experimenting and cooking a lot more in that time. 

A note about the photography on the recipe pages

When she came to The Tiniest Thai my photographer friend Viktoria Kuti kindly took a few photos - so when you spot a professional one it's one of hers! 

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