The 8-week Thai-inspired diet program to help you [finally] lose the weight [forever]

***  $99 ***

(A One-off cost for the program + lifetime membership of the group)

You want to lose weight.

There it is, you said it.

Even if you don't say so to anyone else, you're tired of feeling uncomfortable in your own skin,, feeling out of control in your own body, scared that the weight will just keep on creeping on

Plus you're someone who loves food, loves cooking .... and you actually really, really don't WANT to go on a 'diet' at all.

They're restrictive, they're bland, they're boring.  

And they (usually) don't work (long-term).  

You know this - I know this - we've tried them! And if you're like me, tried lots of them. 

Maybe you've tried some of these too ... eating nothing but cabbage soup for days; eating a grapefruit for two meals a day; meal replacement shakes and soups; calorie counting; variations on fasting; not mixing starches and proteins in the same meal; not mixing starches and proteins in the same day; cutting out whole food groups altogether.

And of course, the big name membership diet clubs.

I just wanted to jump straight to the outcome, the weight loss RESULT that I wanted - but then with every intention of going back to eating the way I like and the foods I like.

So even when I did lose weight (and I did, several times) ... I did this weird thing of then believing that I would somehow STAY AT THAT WEIGHT without having to do anything about it, that had been turned into that mythical creature (to me anyway), a 'naturally slim person'.


But there comes a point when you have to admit it - to yourself.

You're NOT happy with your weight and you WILL do something about it.

And THAT decision is the hardest part.

Once that decision, a real honest conviction that you WILL now take control and start taking actions to get the weight loss you want, once that decision is made - that's the main part done, honestly.

No more trying out fads, hoping for a miracle.

No more losing the weight to just put it straight back on again, or watch it creep, slowly, slowly, slowly back over the years.

Time to take control, take the steps, CHANGE but - crucially - change in a way that feels easy and that you'll therefore also just start changing how you think about food and eating.

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I created the Tiniest Thai Diet knowing that this time that I was going to change my way of eating and thinking forever - no quick-fix diet solution but a forever change in my mindset as well as WHAT I choose to eat. 

This is NOT the faddy 'miracle' solution I spent so much time and money chasing.

This IS a no-gimmick natural way to eat - and a way to help re-set your thinking about food and eating for the long term.

This has honestly been such a good experience and all the support you’ve provided has been a massive help. I know I’m not going to go back to my old ways as I truly think my mindset has changed
— Fran

My story

It took until my 40's to face it, but face it I eventually did.

It was last April when a friend took the picture on the left below ... and on seeing it I finally decided I had to do something, after putting on weight very slowly for about ten years.

It might have gone on slowly but it added up to 42 pounds. 

I hated seeing that photo. I hated that I struggled to breathe when I bent over to do my shoes up.  I hated that I felt out of control and not at home, not at one with my body.  

Rachel Redlaw

I hated that I pretended I was absolutely fine about it and that it was kind of natural really that I would be a little larger than average, given how much I enjoy food and cooking, given that I develop recipes for my supperclub and write about food and share recipes on my blog.

But I really wasn't happy about it at all.  

In fact I was deeply upset and scared that the weight would just keep slowly going on ... was I really just going to get more and more uncomfortable?

The day I DECIDED to do something about it, I stood on the scales for the first time in years, faced the facts, had a cry ... and then started getting on with it.

I wasn't going to go on any temporary, bland and boring diet that would only see me regain the weight when it ended.

I realised that I had been cooking for the family since I was 12, self-studied nutrition and cooking for years and years and years (since my teens!). I wrote about food, I cooked and hosted my own supperclub,


So I did it. Slowly creating it as I went, keeping notes every single day ... and seeing results.

Seeing results that first week was so motivating I just wanted to continue.  And continue.  And continue.

I've now lost those 42 pounds and am becoming braver, admitting to myself that I'd like to lose more - to become the happiest in my skin I've ever been as an adult and becoming the best version of myself I can.

I absolutely love sharing this way of eating - based on some principles of a Thai diet (it doesn't mean you ONLY eat Thai food!) and seeing others have the same success - usually after years of putting weight on, or trying every 'diet' out there with only temporary success at best, and reaching their own happy weight.

Just yesterday I had to give away clothes!

I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 12 going on 10 in these weeks
— Marcela

Here's what you get when you join

  • A weekly email and video in your inbox for eight weeks with that week's content
  • The program is specially designed so that each week builds on the one before, giving you time to create new habits with ease
  • As soon as we start, you'll also have instant membership of the exclusive and super-supportive Tiniest Thai community of Thai Diet Revolutionaries in our private Facebook group where we share successes, inspiration, any challenges (as well as lots and lots of photos of our yummy food!).
  • I’m in there every day too to give personal support and help ensure success in your weight-loss journey, as well as adding new content and recipe ideas
  • After the 8-weeks, you have lifetime membership to the group, plus all the content from the program is available to you at any time in the online exclusive member area
  • Oh and everything new I create for the program, or whenever it's updated or relaunched, well of course all current members get that too!
Rachel Redlaw The Tiniest Thai Diet

More than just a weight-loss program, The Tiniest Thai diet helps change your mindset and behaviour around food and eating too, forever.


This is a diet for you if ... 

 * you want to lose weight easily - while eating delicious food!

* you like cooking (or would like to start cooking as it's all very simple) 

* you want to make your meals fresh from scratch

* you like food with tons of flavour!

* you're more a savoury person than very sweet-toothed (I don't have a sweet tooth so don't create many sweet recipes)

* you like spicy food (it's not all spicy by any means, but chillies do feature although you can always adjust the amount to suit your taste)

* you want to get something really good to eat on the table pretty fast (it rarely takes longer than half an hour to make dinner)

Please note: this is a great way of eating for meat-eaters and pescatarians.  

However, there does tend to be fish sauce in many of these Thai-inspired dishes so I wouldn't recommend it for those eating a  vegetarian or vegan diet.

Nobody I know has ever stuck to a diet, me included, but the cleverness of The Tiniest Thai diet is that you don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything.

Flavour-filled food and lots of variety means you don’t get bored.

This one is a keeper
— Zitah