Week 1

And we've begun in earnest (exciting!)

Watch the video .... (and apologies that it ends quite so abruptly).


And then come on over to our FB group to share any thoughts or for help and inspiration whenever you need it.

This week's action ...

It's all about making a habit of tracking.

Weigh yourself at the same time every day and make a note of it.

And keep a quick record of what you've eaten too - and that means everything (even it it was just a bite of something).

Where attention goes, energy flows - and we want energy on our food and weight - so give it some attention!

This week's food ...

All explained in the video, but in a nutshell this week we start eating a Thai-style diet and that means no to wheat and no to dairy.

Instead of bread and pasta we'll be switching to rice and rice noodles and I'm afraid the cheese and milk are just off the menu (but plenty of other yummy things are coming on it don't worry).

And that's it for now - don't worry about anything, you don't need to weigh your food or complicate things - just get out of the wheat and dairy habits!

Over in our FB group I'll be sharing some breakfast and lunch ideas too - see you there. (If you don't use FB, just hit reply and let me know and I'll send you them by email - I don't want anyone missing out - but the group is the best place to get support and share).

How about trying ... 

Eggs are great for breakfast and protein keeps you fuller - give a quick Thai omelette a go or hard boiled eggs with some diced avocado and a splash of soy sauce is another fave, or with a smidge of Dijon mustard on a slice of ham.

And make a little extra rice at dinner time and try a rice soup the next day - it's a traditional Thai breakfast but very good for lunch or supper too.

See you in the group ... 


PS ... After something sweet? Try this Thai-style sweet/salty/spicy dip for fruit. What do you think?