Week 2


That's it, week 1, probably the hardest week - is already over and we're on to week 2.

And, how did you find week 1?

Keep tracking your weight and food daily, and keep wheat and dairy to a minimum (unless you mindfully and deliberately choose to eat it and then enjoy every mouthful! - before going back to the eating programme of course).

Watch the week's video below, come over to our FB group and let us know what you think ... feeling motivated?

Kitchen decluttering

This is week 2's activity - whether you want to just clear out any out-of-date herbs and spices, tidy the cutlery drawer, or take on a bigger decluttering project in your kitchen - do give it a go!

Remember - where attention goes, energy flows - and that's why we're tracking our weight and food.

Clearing out the kitchen will give some new energy to your surroundings and your cooking!

When I did this I got rid of some ugly mugs I never used (who actually needs those free promotional logo mugs we seem to somehow collect?) and my spices - while I still have a LOT and they're pretty messy - well, they're all in date though!

Do come and share any 'before and after' decluttering photos if you want to - always love to see :)

Rachel Redlaw kitchen decluttering

Portion sizes

And week 2's food focus is on portion sizes ... I was very guilty of a big appetite and eating until I was very full. I now aim to eat 'enough' - and while that can look smaller than you think - often when you try it you find it is, actually, 'enough'.

We're not going to get really hung up on weighing and measuring, but using measuring spoons to make sure we don't guess what a half-teaspoon, teaspoon or tablespoon is a good idea.

If you don't have any (although I bet you'll find some decluttering - haha), it's worth getting some - just something basic is absolutely fine - something like these.


I love rice - and eat it most days - but it's one of the things I was hugely over-eating. For 'enough' rice, it's very much less that I'd ever thought.

First - if you're not confident cooking rice, I have easiest foolproof method right here

And second, portion sizes - you're going to be surprised I think (as I was) but do give it a try!

I use a coffee scoop - it says 7g on it - and use two scoops per portion. It makes more than you think! And I then have two serving spoons of the cooked rice as a portion - so it even makes slightly too much!

While I could usually still eat more than that, yes, I have genuinely found this amount to be 'enough' - and I think it's been a big factor in the weight-loss success I've had on this diet.

Cooking oil

So, the day I realised I was sloshing in maybe 200 calories a time for my frequent stir fries .. was a bit of a horrifying one!

But it was something very easily addressed - and I swapped (usually) to a 2-calorie-per-spray spray oil.

It does take a little getting used to - and you'll probably need to add a splash of water during cooking too to stop things sticking.

But do put some of the spray oil on your shopping list - I like ones likethis rather than the sort of emulsion type ones.

This small change, like the rice portion size, is going to make a huge difference!

And that's it for week 2!

Keep tracking, cutting down on wheat and dairy - and this week start being more conscious about portion sizes and declutter a bit of the kitchen!

Message me or comment in our FB group and let me know what's working, what you love and anything you might want help with.

With love and sunshine