Week 3

Week 3 already!

How's it all going?

Do come and share in our FB group what's working, what you're enjoying and what you might need support with.

The message really is to keep going. If you make choices sometimes that aren't really on this way of eating - well, enjoy it and then come straight back.

Keep going! Keep tracking your weight and food daily, and keep wheat and dairy to a minimum - and keep being mindful about portion sizes.

This week is really the last key element, the last real 'rule' of The Tiniest Thai Diet ... watch this week's video, then come over to our FB group and let us know what you think ... motivated? inspired? worried?!

(And yes, I did something wrong again, and the video cuts off right at the end, mid-word, abruptly ... sorry!)

Walk more!

This is week 3's activity - to walk more.

Years ago I heard that we should walk 10k steps a day just for natural good health and 12k or more for weight loss.

I know it's not possible for everyone to exercise or walk a lot but if you are able to, adding in some extra steps is a great way to accelerate the weight loss - and great too for your overall health.

I aim for 10k steps a day and I use the app that was automatically on my phone to track them ... usually I get to about 8k and then I think I've probably done another 2k during the day when I'm running round without my phone on me.

It's good to keep track - yes, I'm a bit of a fan of tracking things! - even if you're not achieving 10k as it's good to see what you ARE doing.

If I'm nearly there, I definitely feel motivated to stay out another ten minutes and walk a bit more just to get to my goal.

This one has made a big difference to me and I just do encourage you to try it too.

What do you think? Already doing your daily steps?

If not, do download a tracking app or get a pedometer!

So week 1 was all about dramatically reducing wheat and dairy products.

Week 2 focused on cutting portion sizes.

And week 3 - the final real key element of this way of eating - is all about when we eat carbs.

I'm not talking about the carbs you get in fruit or veg ... just those we add like rice, pasta, bread, potatoes ...

If you're unsure at all about any of this, PLEASE message me or ask in our FB group - this is important to be clear on (and there's no such thing as a stupid question - ALL questions are good questions).

So we've stopped eating (for the most part) wheat - bread and pasta are not an everyday part of this eating plan, but rice and rice noodles (and potatoes and gluten-free bread) are.

What I'd like you to experiment with this week is with eating carbs just once a day - and that once being in the evening - when you can.

As with everything on this 'diet' we are aiming for the majority of the time, not a hard-and-fast rule.

So a protein-based breakfast, fruit or vegetable snacks, a big salad for lunch or stir-fry chicken and vegetables or an omelette, or soup ... and then dinner with rice or rice noodles.

The reason for having carbs in the evening is two-fold.

Firstly, digesting them will naturally make you a little bit slower and sleepier (and the best time of day for that is surely the evening?). Also eating carbs in the morning can cause that sugar 'spike' then 'crash' (such dramatic terms!) that leaves you wanting more mid-morning.

Secondly, if you eat dinner at 8pm and breakfast at 7am (or whatever it is for you) it's going to be the longest period without eating we have in the whole day, so the best time for our digestive systems to be doing most work.

Do try this .. I'll be very interested to hear what you think and how you get on with it.

Do remember that we're aiming for 'most times' not 'all times'.

I just know that when I cut my carbs to once a day, I feel better, healthier, more alive ... and I lose weight more easily. 


Can't wait to hear what you think about this week's focus - and I'm in our FB group (mostly) daily and ready to answer any questions, help with suggestions of things to make and cook - and with any support you need, so come on over and share how it's going for you.

And that's it for week 3 - and the main 'rules' of TTT diet done!

Keep tracking, cutting down on wheat and dairy, slashing the portion sizes so 'enough' is better than 'stuffed' and now try having carbs once a day ....

Message me or comment in our FB group and let me know what's working, what you love and anything you might want help with.

With love + chillies


PS. Here's a soup, a salad and a stir fry

A soup ...

Probably the most famous Thai soup, Tom Yum Goong.

'Tom' is a soup, well, the word has something to do boiling a liquid. 'Yum' is a hot and sour salad - this soup is all about those hot and sour flavours. And 'Goong', that's the word for prawns.

Incredibly healthy as well as incredibly tasty - please don't be put off by the list of ingredients, but read it through to the end and you'll see how simple it is.

You're going to need to make (or buy) a chilli paste in oil first but this is really easy and quick to do - and then you'll have it in the fridge for next time (it lasts for ages and ages).

When making the soup, do taste and adjust the balance of spicy etc to your own tastes - once you've made it once you'll know if you want to make any changes the next time.

Serve with rice if you like but I also enjoy it without (and then it's going to be even better for this diet).

A salad ...

If you served this spicy steak salad / yum neua (there's that 'yum' word again) to someone they would never imagine it was because you were losing weight! 

A very good, healthy salad with masses of flavour.

In the recipe I say to cook it under the grill but I've since started using my griddle pan more often and now prefer that way with the lovely charred lines it makes across the meat. But make it either way - just don't fry in loads of oil!


A stir fry ...

I love this one. It's quick and super-easy and has a really authentically 'Thai' flavour.

Simple stir-fried pork with chilli and garlic.

Use the oil spray instead of cooking oil and adjust the number of chillies if you don't want it as spicy as I do! 


And don't forget, keep it easy and keep it enjoyable ...

Experiment, see what works for you - and keep going (you're doing great!).