Week 4

Wow, halfway through the 8 weeks already!

I hope you're enjoying it and seeing results ... just to recap: 

Week 1 was about starting to weight daily and track our food + dramatically decrease eating wheat and dairy

Week 2 we were all about portion sizes and starting to eat 'enough' + some kitchen decluttering to get some new energy going

Week 3 we moved (in the main) to eating starchy carbs (just rice / noodles - NOT the carbs you get in vegetables) once a day preferably in the evening + started being mindful of walking and taking our daily steps

And week 4 is about CELEBRATING how far we've come! 

It's a huge deal to have made the decision to take control of your health and weight - and switching your mindset is the biggest part of the whole diet.

And halfway into the programme it's time to say a big WELL DONE to yourself - and to do something good for your body. 

What treat or way of celebrating are you going to choose?

Watch this week's and then come over to our FB group and share!

And ... this week's recipes ...

... are a celebration too - a celebration of fish and seafood - so, so good for you.

I love cooking white fish by steaming it - in my beloved and ancient remoska (I asked for it for a birthday present over a decade ago now) is easiest but you can use foil parcels (on a baking tray) in the oven, or even a pan on the hob covered with foil. No oil needed!

Here's my current two favourite steamed fish dishes:

* a super-easy and very traditionally Thai steamed white fish with limes and chillies and garlic

* very good and unusual sea bass steamed with bacon and soy sauce. The dried mushrooms - and the dried mushroom soaking water - give is a lovely deep richness.

I'm not a huge salmon fan, but very simply fried or griddled and topped with this incredibly flavourful sauce, it's excellent. And easy! Here's the recipe.

If you don't often cook with squid, do try it! They are also such good value.

Here's a stir fry (and it uses the nam prik pao / chilli paste in oil that you might have made last week) and a salad to try.

Serve the fish dishes for dinner with some rice. If you're not confident cooking rice, please give my foolproof and easiest method a go - just click here.

What are you going to try first?

Week 4 is a lovely week

All about celebrating successes, taking time to do something for you ... and some yummy (and healthy) fish to eat.

I hope you enjoy it.

Message me or comment in our FB group and let me know what's working, what you love and anything you might want help with.

With love + sunshine