Week 5

Hello Week 5!

OK, now we really ARE halfway through the programme (but not this way of eating as I hope you'll stay with it much, much longer).

This week, I've one main message and that is to:


And make sure your goals and your actions are in total alignment for best results.

If you want faster weight loss, now's the time to pull everything together and do MORE than 'most of the time' or 'when I can' (although that's of course better than nothing).

Now make it a priority to take action.

This week's video is short and - kind of literally - sweet, as this week's recipes are for when you have a craving for something sweet.

And those recipes are ...

... not to be eaten all the time of course!

But when you do want something sweet, this roasted nectarines or peaches dessert is somehow more than the sum of its parts and really delicious.

(Yep, it's especially good late summer when these fruits are in abundance but they're still in the supermarkets out of season and it's just as good!).

Experiment and see if you can reduce the sugar at all, and have just one spoonful of yogurt with it. 

When you need a little energy boost, don't reach for biscuits or shop-bought 'energy' or granola bars, but try one of these.

Make them small and just enjoy one!

Using almond/other nut butter would be better than peanut butter - if you try it before I do please let me know how it works out.

Try making them maybe with dried cranberries, or cherries, dark chocolate, some orange zest ... experiment and have a play with these!

And my favourite for adding something special to sliced fruit is the Thai-inspired sugar/salt/chilli dip for fruit. Just great for a mid-afternoon snack with a sliced tart apple.

Once you've made it, it'll keep for ages in a jar in the cupboard.

Week 5 - it's time to get excited!

Keep taking action and making good choices to get the results you want.

And every now and then a little sweet treat - if you like sweet of course - IS a good choice.

Would love to hear if you make this week's recipes and how you're doing, so hit reply to this email, message me or comment in our FB group and let me know.

With love and dreaming-of-Thai-sunshine


PS. saying the word 'galvanise' always make me start singing THIS!

(of course)