Week 7

The Tiniest Thai Diet - the penultimate week

This isn't an '8-week-programme' as such - it's more an '8-week-introduction to a lifelong way of eating'.

That's what I've found and I think you're discovering this too ...

This week's activity ... wardrobe decluttering!

The MINUTE something is too big, it needs to leave the house.

It's such a story otherwise that you're telling your subconscious - that's it's 'ok' to put the weight on again, that in fact you think you probably will do.


As with saying goodbye to the number forever as you pass the number on the scales .... say goodbye to the now too-big clothes.

Charity shops, friends, eBay - whatever you decide to do with your now too-big clothes (the MINUTE they are too big) - do it fast and get them out of the house.

You have to believe and KNOW that now you know how, now you're tracking daily, that you won't put this weight on again.

I had another declutter myself yesterday and I don't have much left to wear. I'm going to be thinking about the style I want to wear and be at my new and - permanent - size.

This week's food

A couple of great condiments for vegetables - and a really good mushroom recipe

Lovely sesame salt and the easiest sauce to liven up some plain green veg - these are so good.

And here's the Asian-style grilled mushrooms that are so easy and delicious.

This week, start really BELIEVING ...

... that your way of eating and thinking about food has changed forever - not just for eight weeks.

Believe it enough to step into who you are NOW and get rid of all those now too-big clothes (however much you love them - time to love your body and health more).

Would love to hear how you're doing, so hit reply to this email, message me or comment in our FB group and let me know.

With love + chillies