Week 8

Wow, here we are - at the last week already!

This might be the last week of the programme but it's just the start really, the start of a healthy, happy way of eating.

The message is just KEEP GOING! Keep choosing what makes you feel great, and gets you the results you want.

This week - celebrate!

The recipe for this week isn't really 'diet' food (potatoes, rice, coconut milk) - but hey, it's still a pretty good choice with neither wheat nor dairy.

Sometimes we need to enjoy - good - 'celebration' food like this (and then get back to the choices you choose to take to get the results you want).

Have just 'enough' and enjoy it!

Right now I'd say the results we want are to celebrate everything we've started doing, and I'll just summarise some of the actions you've taken over the last seven weeks:

  • Cut down dramatically on eating wheat and dairy
  • Started weighing yourself and tracking that weight - and your food - daily
  • Looked at portion sizes - and learnt to eat just 'enough
  • Got new energy going with some kitchen decluttering
  • Aimed for at least 10k steps a day
  • Made some soups, salads and stir fries
  • Remembered to celebrate that you're making these changes + choices
  • Had fish, seafood, vegetables + also some sweet recipes
  • Decluttered your wardrobe of anything that's too big - have confidence in your new body shape!
  • Added some daily push-ups (against the wall) and squats

So this week's recipe, THIS is celebratory food

And a great choice it is for a celebration dinner too.

It's a traditional Borneo chicken curry recipe that a chef from Borneo gave me and is his mother's favourite celebration meal for their family.

Make it for the whole family, make if for friends, just make it and freeze it or eat it every day for a week ha! 

Make it from the whole chicken, bones in, as is the traditional way - or cook it a little more elegantly (as I like to do for dinner parties) without the bones, in smaller pieces with a mix of breast and thigh meat.

Either way this is good!

And yes, it's a lot of turmeric, I doubt it'll matter if you use less, but turmeric has so many healing and health-giving properties, why not just go for it?

This 'end' is just the 'beginning'

I truly hope that you now feel you have the motivation, the tools and are seeing the RESULTS so that you'll continue with this mindful, healthy (and delicious) way of eating.

After all, an Asian-style diet works for a huge part of the world!

The 8-weeks may be over, but our lovely group stays and I'm going to continue to be in there celebrating and supporting you in any way I can.

THANK YOU for being here, for sharing your thoughts, emotions, results and for supporting the other Thai Diet Revolutionaries.

It's a pleasure working with you to help you achieve your own happy weight.

With love