Want to lose weight, easily, with fun, eating great food?

I did!

In my 40's I'd had enough ...

And basically, I CRACKED IT last year - and now can't wait to share it with you!

Yup, I finally DECIDED to lose weight my way - and I've lost 3 stone (42 pounds).

And others joining my programme are getting results too - which makes me happier than happy!

Deb has - with ease and enjoyment (surprising her) - lost 2 stone (28 pounds) now since January (oh and that included a few holidays).

Liz lost 14 pounds in the first 7 weeks, also finding it surprisingly easy.

Sharon lost 8 lbs in the first couple of weeks without really feeling she was doing that much.

Kerrie found that despite wondering if it was going to be hard to follow with 4 kids ... actually it worked out just fine.

Alice discovered she didn't need all those anti-acids she'd relied on before.

Anyway, I could go on! And I do, right HERE where you can read the testimonials.

This is not a 'diet'.

It's a decision that starts with YOU making it.

And you're probably like me - someone who NEVER wanted to go on a diet.

They're bland, boring, restrictive and also WRONG.

They're temporary.

And if you're like me you love food and cooking and don't want to eat like that.

You might, like me, have slowly put the weight on over ten years or more - but then just DIDN'T feel called to join any mainstream diet programme.

You're like me. And I created my own to share with people like me.

I've been cooking for the family and studying nutrition since I was 12 years old (I'm now 47).

I've been cooking Thai food since I lived there for a while in the early noughties.

I KNEW I could devise something that would be a long term change in my eating and mindset - based on natural principles of eating - and ALWAYS eating good food.

The Tiniest Thai Diet programme opens again soon!