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What do you think about when you think about losing weight?

Rachel Redlaw

What will that take, what will you need to DO?

Aha ... here it is.

We generally think about diet and food choices and we think about exercise ...  we think about what we need to DO.

All of these things are of course a part of it, but all of those things are just one part of it, not the whole part.

In fact, only perhaps a fifth, maybe less, a part of it.

Because those things are relevant to the PHYSICAL and that is just one realm, one state, of being human.

There's also the emotional, the mental, the spiritual and the energetic elements to us.

Perhaps it's one reason most weight-loss diets fail - because they focus so single-mindedly on just one aspect of our human holistic being.

The first part of choosing to create our personal individual dream bodies and becoming our own individual happy weight is exactly that, to choose - to make a decision.

It might be the most important step - and it's not a physical one at all.

To create bodies that house our real selves, our dreams, our minds, our energy, that feel like home, that feel like US, needs to include all our human aspects, involve them all.

Feeling happy in our skins - bien dans notre peau - is more than physical.

And achieving that, for those of us who may not currently feel that, is going to take more than the physical.

More, MUCH more, than weighing food, focusing on food, obsessing about exercise.

It's going to come from being ALL OF US and allowing in and receiving and practicing with all aspects of our being.

The Tiniest Thai diet has always included elements of mindset work and uses tips and ideas that encompass some of these other realms of our being ... but when it comes back in September, it's a revitalised programme not just touching on these aspects but embracing them.

Loving them. Inviting them in. Using all our senses, all our realms of being, all of us ... to come together and create ... ?

Well, whatever we CHOOSE to create and whoever we choose to be of course!

We start a new group round of The Thai Diet in September - exact date TBC - and I'm already looking forward to creating it, sharing it and being fully in the experience with you.

If you want to know more, just sign up here so I can send you all the info in the next few weeks (plus there'll be a bonus for those who sign up just to say THANK YOU)!

I'm so excited for this!

x Rachel