The Tiniest Thai in London

This is where The Tiniest Thai actually comes to life ... right here at Tiniest Thai HQ, my little apartment in West London.

Once a month or so, I invite guests to experience the Tiniest Thai Life at my pop-up supperclub.

Just four of you come to share a tasting menu of usually 7-8 dishes, which I prepare in front of you - this is a combined kitchen/dining/living room - and can talk you through everything I'm cooking, give you the background on the food and answer any questions too of course.

Rachel Redlaw Tiniest Thai supperclub

Book for you and three friends, or come as one or two of you and meet new friends here.

I can honestly say every single supperclub has been just amazing fun, both to host and to experience as a guest - I love nothing more than sharing my food and recipes and just want you to leave with happy tummies, having had a great time - and ready to try cooking some of these dishes for yourself.

We usually start with some spicy cashews and a cocktail, and eat and talk and laugh through 4 or 5 dishes, finishing with a dessert.

I don't have a sweet tooth and I'm not a fan of traditional Thai desserts, so those at the Tiniest Thai are usually Asian-inspired rather than truly authentic - something like a lime ice-cream, chilli chocolate mousse, a Borneo honeycomb cake, mango sorbet and sauce ... more these kind of things.





I cannot WAIT to announce the next dates and see you here for dinner soon.

The Tiniest Thai Sunday Lunches

AND ... I'm adding another monthly date .. for the Tiniest Thai take on a traditional Sunday roast!

These are Sunday lunch dates, three courses, wine included - and I'm really excited to add these in.

I'm such a fan of relaxed Sunday lunch parties and can't wait to start holding them with friends, friends of friends and for you to make new friends too.

Tiniest Thai Sunday Lunches have a set menu - again to share between four guests:

Pork and prawn balls with dipping sauces

Thai roast chicken / gai yang

Beef fillet / weeping tiger style

Crushed roast potatoes with chilli and sesame salt

Green vegetable stir fry

Green curry + red curry 'gravies'

Mango and lime crumble with Greek yogurt

* all of it subject to change if I have a better idea! *

Rachel Redlaw Tiniest Thai supperclub
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