The Thai Diet Club

It’s back! Come and join us!

The Thai Diet is my signature 8-week program that I launched three years ago after testing it on myself and losing 40 pounds …. with ease.

As someone who knows all too well the yo-yo dieting and the grabbing onto any fad diet going it was just like a sigh of relief to drop the faddy diets (that I don’t even know why I tried or why I thought they would be a magic ‘fix’) and just go with my own knowledge and experience - and I know and have studied a lot about cooking, food and nutrition over the years - and just as importantly, with what feels sustainable, good and nourishing to me.

Also to me, diets are boring, bland and just ugh really. You just want them to finish to get back to eating what you like!

What I like especially, is fresh food cooked quickly, from scratch, with lots of flavour. I love Thai food. And after a time spent living in Thailand I’d been naturally eating lots of Thai recipes.

But I was still putting weight on.

So one day, back in 2016, I decided to just stop. And think it through. And think about what I thought would work for me - food I loved to cook, eat and share but that would help me lose weight. I tried it out on myself - I gave it 12 weeks - and the success was so easy and so HAPPY that I just couldn’t wait to share it with others.


THIS time round, I’ve added in tons of new goodness (that I cannot WAIT to share).

It’s still an initial 8-week program but then I want to still be a community and to be able to support and share and celebrate together.

So it’s now an ongoing Club too - and honestly, these last few weeks, I must have filled notebooks and notebooks with all the ideas I have for fun things to do and share and experiment with together.

The 8-weeks will create the foundation and a habit and being a member of the Club will just keep that going in the easiest way.

I’ve also been studying anti-ageing nutrition with The Academy of Beauty Nutrition and am now a qualified Advanced Beauty Food Advisor - and I’m really excited to add in what I’m learning there to The Thai Diet too.

Oh and you don’t have to eat Thai all the time at all!

This is a diet inspired by the natural way of Thai eating and uses some simple principles that you can apply to your own life and meals.

However, I do have to say that as I eat meat and fish (and use fish sauce) a lot of my recipes contain those things - so you might find it a little harder if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.

But having said THAT … if you’re a confident, creative cook, you’ll have no problem at all and also I am including more vegan and vegetarian options in my own diet (particularly with what I’m learning about beauty nutrition!) so I’ll always be happy to share and suggest alternatives if you feel stuck (and that goes for anyone in the Club, with whatever I can help with).

We’re starting THIS WEEK (w/c Monday 1 July)!

You can join at any time at all, but if you’d like to join the live group, then do join ASAP (preferably tomorrow Monday 1 July but latest Friday 5 July).


Join by Friday 5 July for just $49.50 instead of the usual $99.


This is the cost for the 8-week program but I also want to give you a month free of The Thai Diet Club, so that’ll be your only investment (well, money-wise!) for the first 12 weeks.

After that, it’s $15 a month for Club membership and you can leave - and also re-join - at any time you like.

I can’t wait to meet you in the Club - and to start reaching our happiest weights together with ease, fun and good food.

Any questions, just email me HERE.