Towards the end of last year, I started talking about the one-day experiences I couldn't wait to invite you to.

But ... were they workshops? VIP days? What were they?

I needed time to let it all come together ...

As with all things, the right time is the right time and everything is as it should be.

Having been writing more of my book, The Tiniest Thai Life ... and taking some time to dream and read and walk and just BE ...

It's now very clear and perfect to me and I can't wait to get all the info finished, the detail sorted and the dates announced.

The Tiniest Thai Life in a Day experience

Journaling, Thai food, cooking, sharing, chatting, laughter, Thai massage, a visit to the Thai supermarket, oh and of course cocktails, friendship.

And with a personal action plan too  for embracing or becoming or whatever's right for you ... your happy weight, happy in your skin, happy in your life.

You, me and three other beautiful women, new friends.

One happy day.

One day to try out, try on, aspects of The Tiniest Thai Life ... a life in a day - and leave laughing and with a plan up your gorgeous sleeve of how this fits with YOUR life.

All the info soon - it's all just suddenly come together so will be really soon!

Sign up so I can send you details ....